Using fractal geometry to trade the U/C plan !


On the Daily chart we are trying to time a 5 ema (Blue) move while planning ahead. "If' this plan (based on a fundamentally bearish CAD) is going to happen its best to trade off a smaller time frame to get a closer look.

1 HR

On the 1 HR the Daily 5 is now the 55 ema so notice where the candles live and how both the Daily 5 & the 1 HR 55 look very similar along with the 21-55 macd and the '0' line. So if the candles live above the 55 and the macd stays above the '0' line the Daily 5 & stoch move is underway. Time to start looking to 'Buy' the stoch again when its OS on the 1 HR which happens 'once' per day on average. 'IF' the candles fall below the 55 and macd falls below the '0' line the plan is invalid. How this works is that we get 24 updates/day here and we can look 'Inside' a Daily 5 run by using fractals. Use the same theory when moving down to the minute charts !

5 thoughts on “U/C Bull Plan Study”

  1. Brendon Davis says:

    Love the chart art, was working over the 233 EMA you talk about? Are you using it on the 15min chart to line up with the 5ema Daily?? Are you able to go over that a bit more Thanks, Brendon

    1. James Mauro says:

      Thnx for the interest Brendon. Yes the 15 min 233 ema is the fractal for the “Daily 5 ema” only. I’ll suggest to read my posts Insight into a Daily 5 Run and Then Fractally Speaking. There is a purpose for those two posts if you looking for it !! Let me know if you find it and if you can “Then” relate to the surfing analogy post. There’s another way to chat as well if you look, just inform me that you’re not spam. Good luck.

      1. Brendon Davis says:

        Yes that would be great. Thanks you. You can email me if you like [email protected] or Twitter Brendon Davis
        @BrendonDavis2. Thanks.

        1. James Mauro says:

          Ok got it Brendon, not sure how friends communicate on the site. Try to see the fractals thru Daily, 15 min, & 1 min using the 2 posts mentioned and let me know how it goes. Have good wknd.

  2. Thanks a lot, Cheers same too you 🙂

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