“Two Months” of planning & trading so far


The original "Bullish Wedge Plan" I posted back in "July" was planning for the monthly stoch to turn bullish where the blue vertical line is. "If" the candles can get above the 5 ema here on the monthly then the 5 & stochs will be pulled up nicely. All that's really happened for the past 5 months is consolidation as the 5 ema has been flat so this may be a floor in place right on the 21 ema.


Here on the daily the consolidation is clearly seen. The plan would be to buy OS stoch in hope that resistance will be broken as represented by the '0' fib zone. Watch for the 21-55 macd to rise above the '0' line for confirmation of the monthly 5 & stoch plan. Notice the staircase up on the fib study highlighted in white circles and trend line.

1 HR

Third verse same as the first. Look to buy OS stoch on average of 1/day as the 21-55 is above the '0' line. Watch for price to ride the 21 (yellow) and the a possible step down to the 55 (purple) near a resistance zone that could be the start of the daily stoch to cycle down as shown on the daily chart that could step down to the 38.2 fib in the white circle. Lets see how it plays.

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