1. IF there is a valid 1-2-3 reversal in place, Then price should rally
2. IF the 1-2-3 is valid an extended 78.6 fib target off wave 2 is up by M-M4
3. IF the 21-55 macd stays above ‘0’ line, Then Daily stoch will change mid cycle
4. IF the retracement in blue rectangle from ‘last weeks plan’ is the bottom, Then a target can be the 38.2 Extension
5. IF the above happens, Then the weekly 5 is the ride
6. Look to buy OB stoch on hourly
7. OPEC’s jawboning on Friday might help this plan so watch Oil to fall as well
8. IF resistance at current level holds and price falls thru support, Then reevaluate this plan

Note; Any positions from the planning down at the 1.2850 zone can be locked up into profit only just below 1.3000
Lets see how it plays

1 HR (D1-W1)

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