EURUSD has soared to trade at 1.1165 and it is considerably random as the volatility is very crucial because of US Elections. While making this report, the polling is continued and Trump is heading by the minor margin. The market will decide a clear trend, once ultimate decisions are published. As recommended in the earlier report, the gaps are expected to get fill the same day, so the EURUSD rose above to 1.1180 to close the market gap. Wednesday has started with a huge gain in EURUSD as the pair is still on its way to gain.

US Elections result till now are not in support of USD. According to prevailing results, Trump is leading in Florida, a state that has elected for getting the nominee in all but one election since 1964. The complete score is 130 to 97 in support of Trump. No surprise, the markets have become risk averse. The FED interest rate hike sentiment is also at risk, noting that the probabilities of the following Fed rate hike remain at the pity of the financial markets, which at the time are not recognizing the Trump lead.

• EU Economic Forecasts
• Crude Oil Inventories

Daily Support & Resistance Levels

R3: 1.1412
R2: 1.1265
R1: 1.1174
Pivot Point: 1.1027
S1: 1.0880
S2: 1.0789
S3: 1.0642

Trading Recommendation:
Due to market volatility and uncertainty, the trade is not recommended.

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  1. Maryna says:

    Once again a great scalp trade that you posted for NZDUSD. Much appreciated!

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