Well we have a pull back on the euro right now I am waiting for price rise to 4hr 21ema and Wpp @ 1.0850

Trades Plan EURUSD Monday 25th Jan New York

Once price is at my sell zone I am looking to short this currency pair.  I will drop into a 15 minute chart and look for signs that resistance is holding if i see it i will  then place  a trade



Good Luck with your trading

2 thoughts on “Trade Plan EUR/USD 25th Jan 2016”

  1. Armen says:

    Hello Paul, in general I agree with your analysis but the COT report show something is on the way. Secondly, all the major pairs closed above the previous Lower-Highs. Third, promise is that Asian markets closed up last Friday.
    IMHO, the pairs are going to retrace to support zones and then continue up trend.

  2. Chris Wittusen says:

    I tend to agree with you Paul. When I review E/U on daily chart I see a coil effect which would indicate a further drop down. It is currently trading completely sideways on D1 but I do believe a fall is about to come.

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