Long position on AUDJPY. The price on this pair is heavily oversold and bears will probably start entering at the current price which is in the support zone. The support zone is also at a role reversal point. The stochastics is also showing an oversold chart. I would enter at the price of 85.000


Price is in short term trend which is in a much bigger range. Trend could start beginning. Price is bullish currently.


Price is at WM2 and for a reversal to occur we expect a double bottom followed by a higher high which could target the WM4. Market is trending with a bullish price.


Price action is very similar to H4 chart just with more candles. Just as with the H4 chart we expect a double bottom to form at WM2 . Expect to buy at the neckline price of 85.00


The m15 gives us a more refined view of how price action performed. From this chart we can see the price tried to break the 84.600 mark twice but failed. This could indicate very strong support.

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