2016-04-29_00-15-16eurusd daily

Dear all,

Again a live trade which is perhaps the best way to learn.

We spoke about the entry for the eurusd on the daily chart.

If you remember the first thing we noted was that the dynamic support held price.

On the stochastic indicator we had a W formation meaning that price is likely to go up.

It was also at the 20% level meaning price is at an oversold level again likely to go up.

Macd also still stayed over the zero level reinforcing the bullishness for the pair.

Again my style is to try to let profits run therefore I do not have a fixed take profit level but I do trail my stop loss.

Ideally I would like to let prices run to the next level of resistance like 1.15800 for example.

If a reversal pattern forms then I might take my profit.

P.S. Let me know what information about trading you would like to receive and I will try to help you out to the best of my possibilities.



One thought on “Squeezing some PIPS”

  1. Adil RADI says:

    Hi Nuno, thanks for sharing, could you make the charts clickable so that we can zoom in.
    Appriciate the “live trading” screenshot.

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