I checked S&P and DJ30 daily charts and both have similar possible short trade plan.


Stochastich is showing bearish divergence. Today, so far daily candle is printing bearish pin bar. So be prepared to potentially short that pair if yesterdays candle low will be broken. Stop need to be above today’s daily candle. Same applies for DJ30.


Price is also at last Fibonacci level at 88.6% retrace, which I sometimes use, to find rejections.

There at 2060 I have marked monthly support, so pay attention (if you will trade short), that price will not bounce back up from there. Your stop loss should be on break even till then.

One thought on “S&P and DJ30 trade plan for 2. of November”

  1. Agostinho Santos says:

    i think we will have a black swan effect on the index the only places are were it is bubbles of speculation.How gone star or when and why,possible reasons low paid jobs, adjustment realty market to the new society, enter in deflation and a crash maybe will be the solution for correction. i guess

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