Sell position on the EURUSD as price action is possibly showing the beginning of a downtrend. If downtrend does occur expect to sell at a price of 1.16000. This is where a possible lower high could form. Another option for a short position could be to sell at the neckline of the head and shoulder pattern. Which is also at the monthly pivot point at 1.16859


21 and 55 are beginning to form an angle of separation, therefore possible trend is forming price is currently bearish.


Unlike the daily EURUSD is not in a clear trending market. 21 and 55 are flat but they are at an angle, which could signal trending market. If we view this pair as being in a range price is currently at the bottom of the range. We abticipate price to break this range at the bottom.


On the H1 chart the range is even more defined than the one on the H4 chart. 21 and 55 are even more flat than they were in the H4.


On th M15 chart the range is even more defined than the H1 and the 21 and 55 are definitely in range . Expecting price to break range at the bottom , then sell

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