Short position on EURAUD as price is currently at the take profit zone between MM4 and MR2. I anticipate that large scale traders will start closing their long position in the resistance profit taking zone and therefore will start to sell. I do not believe that price will reverse for a long time. A reversal chart pattern could probably form such as a double top which could bounce off 55 or 21 ema. Expect to sell just above MR2 at 1.56451


Market is Trending expect a reversal at above MR2 . Price could come to the previous high for role reversal.


Price very bullish and trending it has also surpassed the highest pivot point WR3 price at 1.5432. Profit take should start occurring.


Price is also bearish on the this chart and is range expect it to drop and bounce off the 55 ema.


Price is bearish and is also trending but it is starting to form a double top. This indicate that a reversal is imminent.

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