IM a bear in this pair

The market is begining to be a down trend since the 21/55 they heading to cross.but at the moment i would say its ranging. 5/8 has crossed and also the stoch has cross and heading down.Bulls might want to enter at MM2 112.4340 and at 38. fib zone so have a look out on that

The market is bearish since the 21 EMA is below the 55. price is also bearish since the 5/8 is beginning to cross and also the stoch has crossed.we might see a possible double bottom at WM1 pivot point at support.bulls might want to come in and push the price up.

The market is down since the 21 is below the 55.price is heading to oversold and i would wait for a pullback and consider on selling at 21 EMA or at 38.2 or 50 fib zone or my resistance area that is pink.My take profit will be at Dm1 since that will be a double bottom

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  1. Malesela Nkwe says:

    Well done bro.. I think this is a trade one needs to consider for 2day… Thanks..

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