USD/CAD trades at 1.3260 right now, and we have major News today especially NFP & Unemployment Rate from the US. Further, Employment data from Canadian economy as well. The current trading range for the pair is 1.3270 – 1.3245. The pair once breaks below trading range, I will wait for it to target 1.3200 for a selling trade, but guys it’s all depends on upon both news from USD and CAD.
for the pull back up to 1.3145 to reenter a Sell in the market,


– Employment Change
Forecast: 8.5K
Previous 26.2K

– Unemployment Rate

Forecast: 7%
Previous 7%

Better than expected figures will support Canadian dollar as a single currency but, we also need to monitor US fundamentals today.


– Non-Farm Employment Change
Forecast: 171K
Previous 151K
– Unemployment Rate
Forecast: 4.9%
Previous 4.9%

Technical Levels:

R3: 1.3287
R2: 1.3259
R1: 1.3241
Pivot Point: 1.3213
S1: 1.3185
S2: 1.3167
S3: 1.3139


1) Sell Below 1.3230
SL: 13265
TP: 1.3201

2) Buy Stop 1.3265
SL: 1.3235
TP: 1.3285

2 thoughts on “SCALP ALERT USDCAD– Trade US NFP & Unemployment Rate”

  1. Twood Males says:

    good one sir i missed it as i recently joined you, but i can see your trade was good. i am following you and hope you share more trade

    1. Thanks, i really appreciate feedback.. Keep following, More to COme…!!!

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