So the market givs and the market takes.

As traders we have to make sure that when the market gives that we are ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

On the 5 min eurusd chart you were given a golden cross.

Same knowledge applies to smaller time frames as longer term ones we just have to be quicker and perhaps a little more confident when inserting our trades.

Once price crosses over the longer term moving averages our bias is determined.

We will only trade from the long side. We want volatility on our side so we trade the Uk open untill the end of  NY session max.

This means my dear friends that you have time to take your pips from 7 am untill 6 pm UK time for maximum profits.

You want therefore shown on this chartto buy dips in the same direction as the 55 and 200 MAs.

You may always see if the market is trending by the distance between the 55 and 200 MAs as shown by the black arrows.

Best of PIPS

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