Pound bull Taking buy orders on any drops, 1st entry spot/swing on 4.22.18 on MPP, Wm2 and prior support levels. Taking advantage of over sold sentiment from last week, on poor micro economic releases+Central bank dovish comments. 2nd buy order if support fails near 1.3620 area.

eurgbp sell 4.22.18 Wm4 spot 50 pip tp. stop 50pip

eurusd buy 4.22 or on 4.23.18, Wm2 and dollar bearish view long term 1-2yrs. TP 50-100pips stop 50pip.

audnzd buy swing position on a price action bottom formation, (Old man stepping in Bath )

audusd buy on global commodities demand, such as Gold , copper , oil.

ACBFF stock buy long term. look to buy closer to daily CPP.

DropBox stock buy, long term.

audjpy buy 4.22.18

Daily support MPP,Wm2

4hr price action analysis. 1 to 5 RRR 🙂

scalp sell, on Wm4. 1 to 1 RRR 🙁

bearish USD

swing buy stop below 1.05000

Looking for GE stock upside, and PCG upside.

long term buy

looking for buys

buy long term

long term buy

audjpy 4hr buy

buying on risk on over sold conditions

Source: 4 hr

audjpy 5 m buy

tactical but on 5 minute recent support price action

Source: 5 minute

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