Dear all,

There is not a right or not so right manner to trade.

You just need to find your alpha and stick to it.

This trade example just serves the purpose to show you my way of thinking about trade management.

I took half my position of because I expect buyers to enter at the level of support where price is situated right now.

I left my other position on because I have a bearish bias on this currency pair and think that after a bullish retracement price might continue south.

If a small bullish retracement takes place and I see that price wants to continue its bearish move then I may consider to add to my position.

Remember entry, risk management, risk reward ratio and the exit all have to be taken into consideration.

Once you find your trading style which should be logical and easy for you to execute then you should stick to it and you might call it your holly grail.

Best of Pips

2 thoughts on “Partial Profits”

  1. Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld says:

    Thanks Nuno – I enjoy your posts, especially when you go into topics other than just technical analysis… Thanks for all your help and time!!

  2. Jim Reddihough says:

    Thanks Nuno

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