Oil prices fell due to over supply concerns from russia and saudi.this could dictate where oilprices would be in future.Bank of canada is to have a monetary policy meeting where policy could remain unchanged.with NFP ahead could be a volatile week


Prices hit support for buyers to take north taking note of next monthly bullish pivot


since price has started making higher highs for a bull ;2scenarios 1.could we see a double bottom then buy high low 2.could price make a high of 67.31 and wait and buy


px falling below 1.29600will attract bears to try again and sell at 1.3000 level which will be an important area to watch

One thought on “OIL &CAD Trade Plan 29th may”

  1. Just a comment/observation w.r.t. NFP – it has not provided much volatility since I started trading in 2015 and yet so many traders proclaim NFP to be a market mover? Maybe once a year, but other than that very seldom a market mover.

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