Possible continuation of Dollar Domination ahead of us


At the price of 0.88000 we saw a completion of the 5th wave which predicts a A,B,C pullback pattern of which we recently completed the B wave and about to complete the C wave. Price has also formed symmetric triangle at the strong dynamic resistance, the formation of a symmetric triangle at dynamic resistance in this case is a great sign that the is increase in oder flow which most of the time result to an impulsive move of which we are expecting in this instance will be to the downside to help trigger the EMA cross


Price completed a full pullback pattern with the C wave failing to break the 0.75000 resistance level and also bounced off the symmetric triangle resistance heading to the symmetric triangle support.Price recently formed a Engulfing Pattern which we see from last weeks weekly candle that the pattern failed, with the strong weekly candle the is a high possibility that we might get a break of the symmetric support

Increasing bearish positions by non-commercial participants on the Kiwi

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