This pair is currently in consolidation and seemingly stalling. Watch for a confirmed sell signal below 0.7244. Keep in mind that you want to see a strong USD and a weak NZD before pulling the trigger. SL should be above the 1.730 with a TP at around 1.70680.

4 thoughts on “NZDUSD – TRADE ALERT – 22 JUNE 2017”

  1. Daniel Jonson says:

    Nice Maryna, I just took this trade a couple minutes ago. I also got a sell order on NZDJPY going as well.

    1. Maryna says:

      Thanks Daniel, I’m practicing my USD skills as I seldom trade it! Your entry was a bit early, so make sure you have a decent SL at about 0.7305.

  2. frank says:

    Nice trade plan.I also have been looking at that pair for short opportunities

    1. Maryna says:

      Thanks Frank, let’s see how it play’s out as USD is still weak. I’m bear on USD though, but NZD is overdue for a bit of a fall I’d say!

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