NZDUSD Technical Analysis 2017/11/20


Market is bearish with the 55 being above the 21. Price is also bearish with the 8 being above the 5. What i think will happen is that price will come back down from MM2/0.6851 towards MS1/0.6752 where price will go back up towards support at 0.6799 where price will come back down towards 0.6688.

Source: MT4


Market is heading towards bearish with 55 being above the 21. Price is pretty flat. After making a lower low and coming back down from WPP where price comes back down to WS1/0.6752 where price will head back up to WM2/ 0.6799 where i will sell and price will head back down to WS2/0.6688 where profit will be taken.

Source: MT4

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