Judging from our daily chart, price is currently on approching MM1-MM2 which is known to be a profit taking zone for bears from our MPP. Since price got to this point before mid month and it hit the profit taking levels, am expecting a pullback by bulls to the MPP again or resistance level at (0.71570), for we bears to enter.


Identified our first resistance at (0.71570) and our second at (0.72259), which is in line with MPP.


Judging from my H4 chart price went way below the profit taking for bears indicating how strong the trend is, as indicated by our 21/55 EMA angle separation too. My plan is to wait for a pullback which i predict is gonna take place next week to my first H4 resistance at (0.71312), which is lined up with the 21 EMA and go short. If it happens that price goes through (0.71312) then i will be waiting to short at MPP

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