little risky but we got t top at resistance, lower high, railroad trades and a hanging man candle… I think the next 40 pips are lower
small position, stop to be after 20 pips is now I am trading it


5 thoughts on “NZDUSD short double top”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hi Frederick, at what price did u enter as 0 1.73160 was a good price to enter and at resistance with little risk?

  2. Maryna says:

    Oops, sorry should be 0.73160.

  3. Frederick f says:

    Hi Maryan, I got in at .7325, up 18 pips now

  4. Frederick f says:

    boy I have a lot of typos in my original post .. got to be more careful next time

  5. Frederick f says:

    HI Maryan, there is some AUD data tonight, might get out of the trade before that data comes out…. I am thinking AUD data might effect the NZD currency but I am not sure… no experience on that myself.

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