My intention- Based on market direction I am currently a bear on NZD and I want to sell.

COT Report-
The number of net non-commercial positions is below the zero “Waterline” indicating that market is bearish. The number of bears and bulls in the market is neutral, meaning there are a equal number of bulls and bear in this market.
Technical Overview- We are currently at a strong level of support with price bouncing in the 0.708 price zone since the 1st of June 2016 around a price Psych level of 0.70000. Bulls will buy at this strong support. We are also in a daily range between price levels of 0.70000 and 0.73000. We will trade this pair within the range.

Fumdamentals overview- New Zealand Dollars traded lower after the release of Chinese trade data that came out last week, but then managed to rally late in the session after a decline in U.S bond yields.The U.S. Dollar tumbled the most after China’s September trade data showed imports and exports were down, with exports falling by a “whopping” 10 percent. The key market driver of the NZD/USD will continue to be the U.S. Treasury yields. If yields recover then the U.S. Dollar may strengthen. If yields continue to rally up then look for the Aussie and the Kiwi to be underpinned.

Resistance- 0.71900
Support- 0.70000


Net Non-commercial position are below the waterline indicating market is bearish on the NZD. Neutral number of short and long positions on this currency


Price is retracing up towards the 61.8 "fib zone". Bears will enter here. 21 MA above fib zone acting as resistance.


stuck in a range between WM1 and WM2. Strong resistance at WM2. stochastic supports bearish move. form WM2. 55 MA acting as dynamic resistance.


Price is at support with resistance at DR1 @0.71185. look for sell opportunity when price tests 0.71 price level.

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