NZDUSD technical analysis

NZDUSD - Daily

Market (21/55) is converging. Price (5 above 8) is flat. Stochastic is moving slightly up. Resistance levels at MM3/0.735, MR1/0.74 and MM4/0.755. Support levels at 0.72, MM2/0.715 and MS1/0.705. Price found resistance at MR1 and as per pivot point theory, the target is MS1.


Market (21 above 55) is flat. Price (8 above 5) is bearish. Stochastic is moving down. Resistance levels at WR1/MM3/0.735, WM4 and WR2/0.74. Support at WM3/0.73, MPP/WPP/0.725 and WS1/0.72. If price finds support at WM3/0.73, I will look to sell when price finds resistance at WR1/MM3/0.735. If that support level fails, I will wait for price to find support at MPP/WPP/0.725 and sell when price retrace and find resistance at WR1/MM3/0.735.

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