A technical view of NZDUSD and NZDJPY with new weekly pivot points.


Bears that have sold at MM3 are setting up a triple top with a target of MM1. Bulls that bought at MM2 want to drive price up to MM4.


Price is opening at MM3/ WM3 confluence so bears have a swing with a target of WM1 - note MM2 is just above WM1. Bulls have confluence of MPP and WM2. Price is bearish on this time frame with a falling stoch.


Price is still at the profit taking zone for Feb. Bears don't have a price to sell on this time frame so we look to weekly pivots.


Price is at the H4 21 - it was for a lot of last week though did not make a lower low though it is still resistance as price has not broken above. Price is opening at WPP so WM3 provides resistance. One could trade this like a range and look for a lower low below WPP before selling the lower high. The target for WM3 is WM1 - note MS1 is just below WS2. Also note that if price comes down of WM3 then that means price is coming down off the 55 which predicts a double bottom (WS1/ MS2)

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    Thanks Ryan, clear and concise as usual.

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