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Hello traders good to be back with you you in this crazy time of Brexit and the reaction that I feel no one thought not happen. Well I blame the UK for not having a plan for this result of the vote. Yes I am also frustrated as I am a full time trader and now in some options trades well 13 of them and only two in the green. So what is my point, do not worry if your money management is in place we just have to patient as most of my positions are 34 to 90 days out so I sit on my hands and trust my trade plan and experience.

OK enough of my rant as you can see I am not very happy but also content with the results. We are going to look at the NZDUSD 60 minute chart. As you can see my bias is bearish and I am only looking for a sell trade. I really like the chart that is showing a great pullback. I would like to see a pullback to the 200 ema or the 0.7100 that is a psychological zone. At this price level I am looking for a bearish candle formation and enter a sell trade. I am looking to take profit at the support level and price of 0.6986. As you can see on the chart I have placed the support line so you can see why I picked this level ie Double Bottom. Traders be patient and let price come to you and we will get rewarded …

Thank you traders and we will talk soon…….William

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