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Hello traders welcome to a new trading day. I looked at the charts today and see that there was very little price action on most of the currency pairs yesterday. We have some nice trade set ups today and I will follow my plan as indicated below. We have data today so we should see some movement….

Plan Your Trade and Trade your Plan !

OK let us take a look at the currency pair for today being the NUZUSD- This is the 30 minute chart. Traders we have a pair that is continuing the bearish trend on the higher time frames as you can see yesterday trade worked very well. I am looking for a pullback to the 200 ema that is resistance and a bearish candle formation so we can sell this pair. I am looking to enter this at the price of 0.6668. I am looking to take profit at the support zone that is marked on the chart at the price of 0.6633. This is only a 30 pip trade so if it continues to go down just trail it and increase your profits.

Thank you traders and talk soon….William

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