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Hello traders welcome to a new trading day. I have looked at the charts and all I am seeing some hard trades for today. The key is waiting for the price to come back to us and not chase price. I feel we can make some good pips today. In this Asia session I entered into a short trade after the data release. Traders the key for today is Patience !!!!!

OK traders looks like a challenging trading day today so let us look the the trading plan for the NUZUSD- This is the 30 minute chart. Traders we have a pair that has started to move for us. We have to get an aggressive pullback to the resistance zone as marked on the chart at the R1 pivot and look to sell this at the price of 0.6582. I am looking to take profit at the support level as marked on the chart at price of 0.6515. This is not going to be an easy trade as you can see we are trading into the 200 ema and the daily pivot point.

Thank you traders and we will talk soon…..William

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