Shorting the Kiwi as we head into Q4.

NZDJPYi daily chart

Market has started its bearish trend as we head into Q4, coming out of Q3 where we see the Kiwi coming from a 7670 pip count bullish trend between the (15/05/2017) to the (01/08/2017), but as we head into Q4 we see the roll reversal coming off our MR1 level at the end of July and heads strait down to what was previous resistance around (03/05/2017), at our MS3 level (a bullish zone) we see buyers tried keeping the support and we headed up to MR2, with our fibonacci 38.2 and monthly pivot point MS2 and our phyc level 80.5000 all giving confluence, we now see the markets bearish trend heading down to the fibonacci 124.6 and 138.2 levels just above our support zone, with additional confluence our 5/8 and 21/55 moving averages have crossed beautifully over the same time period indicating a bearing trend, awaiting good angles of separation, with our stochastic indicator having crossed and between the 20 and 50 levels but seems to be showing movement back down to the 20 level respectively, I believe with the Q4 trend across all the JPY pairs being fundamentally bullish, we could see ourselves braking through support and continuing its bearish trend till the end of the present Q4 period.

Source: MT4

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