New Zealand CPI worst than forecast . Kiwi down . Japan Bank Holiday . This week trade Plan for Bull . Last week close higher than open . so weekly WM2 to WM4 .

NZDJPY 4 H 18 July 2016

Weekly WM2 to M4 for Bull Buy about 74.5 target 77 area .

NZDJPY 1H 18 July , 2016

Hourly Down to support zone and bounce look for opportunity to buy at pullback to 74.5 .

One thought on “NZDJPY Week 30 Trade Plan ( 18 July , 2016 )”

  1. James Mauro says:

    A lot of resistance to get thru but I’d like to see it rally as well. Let’s hope 74.00/25 support holds today.

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