Dear Carry Traders,

Last week I suggested to hold on to buy this pair until Daily Stochastic goes down low, simply because I saw Divergence on Stochastic.


Now Stochastic is down to 25%, and waiting to cross up, while the price seems to have bounced up at MPP (and Role Reversal Support Area).

I think it is safe to say, let’s buy it.

On H4, the price made Double Bottom, and made Higher High (even a bit…).   So simply we can buy from the next Higher Low.

In case the price is rejected from the current resistance, then (as usual), we can buy from Fibonacci 38.2-61.8%.    If, however, the price continues to go up and break the resistance, then we can buy from the re-test at 80.80-90 level.



Hope you can add another Long position today.



YJ Baik – Forex.Today @ Tokyo


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