NZDJPY a yield pair that can earn interest daily at the same time make pips ( Carry trade ). 2017 US the economy engine will lead with growth of global economy , the demand of Dairy product will pick up as the world economy improving . Kiwi will strengthened in the near future.

NZDJPY monthly ( 29 Dec , 2016 )

NZDJPY is in the trending up move . BULL will find buy opportunity then move stop to breakeven after it go up for 1R.

NZDJPY Daily ( 29 Dec , 2016 )

Daily pullback to 382 then continue up ? we will see next week move

NZDJPY H4 ( 29 Dec , 2016 )

Bull waiting for higher high formed then buy at the pull back next week.

5 thoughts on “NZDJPY Trade plan for 2017 ( 29 Dec , 2016 )”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hey Daniel, I’m very interested to see how the Monthly candle will close as it looks like an “indecision” candle and a bit like a shooting star forming, but still 2 days to go to month-end. On the monthly chart price has been ranging between 83.30 and 73.20 for more than a year.- about a 1000 pip range. I would like to see a break above 83.30 for a bullish move. The weekly chart made a shooting star 2 weeks ago and I have placed a trendline on the Daily as it’s been going sideways for the last few days and I want to see this trendline broken, re-tested and then decide as it is on a low price on the Daily chart.

  2. Maryna 🙂 we are on the same boat 🙂

  3. With Wayne expecting Yen Strength this month. Do you think your plan will take effect immediately after that or are you already a bull on this pair

  4. Maryna says:

    Hey Guys, to be honest, I’m not sitting waiting around for Yen to become stronger as we will soon enough see the move if there is one. Yen at this point still weak and I will trade accordingly until it changes. The charts/market always gives a signal/sign as with any currency, so until then I’m trading what I see.

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