NZDJPY has been in downward slope since the turning point in 15 Dec , 2016 . will this continue ? lets see the Strong versus Weak currency in the last 24 hours. Strong Yen versus weak Kiwi .

NZDJPY Daily ( 11 Jan , 2017 )

BEAR looking for price to rally up about 81.50 for selling opportunity.

NZDJPY H4 ( 11 Jan , 2017 )

If the price can rally up to 81.20 to 81.50 zone and show sign of 123 reversal then there is a Sell opportunity for BEAR .

NZDJPY 15M ( 11 Jan , 2017 )

Entry time frame 15M waiting for rally up to sell zone for reversal pattern to appear.

Strong VS Weak currency table

It show Yen was strongest and NZD is the weakest so BEAR look to sell at higher price about 81.2 to 81.5 to sell .

6 thoughts on “NZDJPY Trade Plan ( 11 Jan , 2017 )”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hey Daniel, it broke and closed below the 81.00 on the Daily and what I was waiting for. I’m waiting for sell signal to sell to 79.40.

    1. Thanks Maryna . May the pips with you 🙂

  2. jean janssen says:

    Hi Daniel, very clear analysis thank you.

  3. Hi Daniel, I notice you use OANDA’s heatmap for currency strength, do you know how often it is updated? I found this one the other day but as a beginner, not sure how reliable they are (it is supposed to be updated every minute but need to f5).

    1. Thanks Jonathan . Oanda only update once a day 🙂

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