NZDJPY open both on monthly pivot MM2 and weekly pivot WM2 buying zone . Bull looking for opportunity to buy . when a higher high is formed then entry on the pullback .

NZDJPY Day ( 1 May , 2017 )

NZDJPY open on monthly pivot buy zone MM2 Bull looking for buying opportunity for MM2 o MM4 move about 76 to 78.5

NZDJPY H4 ( 1 May , 2017 )

NZDJPY also open on weekly pivot buy zone of WM2 Bull looking for buying opportunity aim at WM2 to WM4 move

NZDJPY 15M ( 1 May , 2017 )

Entry time frame 15M Bull waiting for price to go up above last Friday high and retrace to long about 76 SL 75 TP 78

2 thoughts on “NZDJPY Trade Plan ( 1 May , 2017 )”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hey Daniel! Thanks for posting this amazing trade and I have banked over $1000 to date and waiting to re-enter again as I’m trading it as a day-trader. SPOT-ON with your trade!!

    1. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:


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