Technical Analasys on NZDJPY for buy order

NZDJPY - Daily

Market on is currently bearish on the daily chart with the 21 EM being below the 55, Price has found resistance at the MM2 zone where bulls is looking to open their positions.


On the H4 the market is slowing and starting to go sideways where we've seen price respecting the WM2 area with price bouncing off the 78.300 level a couple of times.


On the H1 chart we see the market sideways, again showing price getting support at the 78.280 level, Price showing signs of bullishness with the 5 above the 8. to be conservative ne must wait for price to move up to WPP for a new higher high, to come down back to WM2 where you can have your buy order waiting. Stop loss below support @ 78.140, and profit target just below WM4 @ 80.120

2 thoughts on “NZDJPY – Technical Analasys”

  1. Pedro says:

    nice plan! i am waiting for a higher low on the h1 or h4 chart because the daily stoch looks like it will go down a little further before it goes up. The C.O.T report also shows that traders are getting out NZD long positions that is why NZD has been weak recently.

    1. IAn FX says:

      thanks for the Feedback.
      it sounds good!

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