NZDJPY – follow up from 21 Dec post and on my watch list

This pair has been playing around the 81.00 level that was our first target we hit in December as per my initial trade plan posted. Wait for a H4 or even a Daily break below 81.00 to sell down to 79.40 or when you see that NZD becomes weak and JPY strong. I have not yet seen any significant strength in JPY and both these currencies seem to be equal at the moment in terms of strength/weakness, so hopefully there will be a move this week. The 79.40 level was a strong level between Oct 2015 and Jan 2016. This pair has given 2 false breakouts below 81.00 since my last post, so wait for confirmation signals before selling. Friday closed with an indecision candle on the weekly chart and could not get higher than 82.00 last week, so it will be on my watchlist.

NZDJPY on my watchlist

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  1. Hi Maryna , I am on the same view waiting for lower low to appear on H4 for continue selling .

  2. Profile photo of Maryna Maryna says:

    Hey Daniel! Great to know and thanks for confirming with me!

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