NZDJPY has retrace back support area about 73 . check on Daily Kiwi dollar pair is near 0.70 psychological level also a strong support area with this in mind . look at H4 level this week target has been reach early , there is a good probability that it will bounce back to weekly pivot WPP about 74. Entry time frame of 15M as a more precise entry.

NZDJPY Day ( 12 Oct , 2016 )

At Daily level 73 area hold as a support in the past 60 days a potential monthly move MM2 to MM4 move 73 to 76 a good 300 Pips potential

NZDUSD Day ( 12 Oct , 2016 )

Kiwi has reach Monthly target of MS2 early and a psychological level of 0.70 there is good probability this month that it will bounce back to monthly pivot MPP

NZDJPY H4 ( 12 oct , 2016 )

NZDJPY reach weekly target early of WS2 there is good probability this week it will bounce back weekly pivot WPP

NZDJPY 15M ( 12 Oct , 2016)

Entry time frame 15 M Bull look for pullback to 73 area SL 72 TP 76

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