The counting on the number still going on , once the results is out .There are some interesting observation . On the Daily it reach Monthly R2 and reverse south . It drop to Weekly and monthly Pivot WPP and MPP 74 area .IF the count is STAY then Bull could look for Long on reversal pattern on 15 Min . IF Leave Bear could sell at any pullback after announcement. Happy and safe Trading.


2 thoughts on “NZDJPY daily activity on Brexit counting day ( 24 June , 2016 )”

  1. Ben Dinmore says:

    I think it hit the top and bottom targets for the week! crazy

  2. Wayne McDonell - says:

    I had a trade plan to buy it at 70.00 after the BOJ started talking about “intervention”. However, everytime it got close, the GBP/USD would move and I would focus on it. Long story short…. beautiful plan with zero execution. 🙁

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