If you wanna see if you can swing this NZDJPY or hold it as part of a yen portfolio, I believe you can try it here.

If you scalp it you might be safer if you don’t want to deal with weekend risks – there will be some NZD news over the weekend.

So far I made a lousy entrance on the 1 minute chart, but I’m starting to think that my tight entrances should wait for the New york session to kick in and see what the SP500 does. Right now NIKKEI is looking like its stalling
and CHF is looking neutral.

Anyways Good luck with your trades!



I didn't want to post the 1 minute chart because I was lazy, but I did look for 1 minute 21/55 cross before I thought about anything else on this Weekly s2 and 73.000 psych level.


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