NZDJPY carry trade plan This pair is in a down trend and now is July quite summer time so looking for solid multiple support Monthly MM2 and weekly WS1, entry base on double bottom on 4H then higher high follow by higher low ( 123 reversal up pattern )

NZDJPY Daily ( 7 July 2016 )

Bull Plan A entry on MM2 and WS1 about 72. IF this is fail Bull Plan B is look for entry on Monthly MS1 and Weekly WS2 about 70.

NZDJPY 1H ( 7 July 2016 )

Use 1 H to fine tune the entry to long at Daily DM2 to Daily DPP about 72 area

3 thoughts on “NZDJPY 6 months Trade Plan ( 7 July , 2016 )”

  1. dima pekurovsky says:

    Great plan Daniel.

  2. Zelda says:

    Thanks Daniel. I definitely going to follow this pair.

  3. James Mauro says:

    Nice Dan, I like the long term support at the 1.690 area we spiked down to from Brexit to further support your plan ! Looks good long term on JPY weakness especially on interest rate differential to carry it. We need get thru the long term resistance we are at currently.

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