This is my first post on the site.

Here’s a short setup on NZDCHF. Although NZD is strong today, NZDCHF has been slowly creeping up. I’m selling it down to S1 or even M1. The trade is good to go with a stop around 0.6950. 2.8 risk/reward. Let me have your comments.

4 thoughts on “NZDCHF – Short setup – 06 June 2017”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hey Wimpie, nice to see another SA trader joined the group. How long have you been trading and thanks for posting!

  2. James Mauro says:

    Hey Wimpie, on the opposing view you may want to trade plan buying dips on nzd/chf as a carry trade towards year end should price get near your target on this plan. You can profit from both pips & interest as well. Best pips & Welcome to the Jungle…

    1. Wimpie Koekemoer says:

      Hi James, a carry trade would be nice. There’s definitely a nice long on the way, but I’d prefer to enter at the bottom of this channel:

      However, if it breaks up, consolidates close to or above this trend line, I’d start looking for longs.

  3. Wimpie Koekemoer says:

    Stopped out on this trade for a 35 pip loss

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