I am a bull on NZD because with GDT came out positive on it seems kiwi is still on a bullish momentum.

I am a bear on CAD with canadian interest rates remaining unchanged but with Poloz uncertain over Trump that gives me enough reason to sell the CAD

So looking at the economic calendar nothing much out of CAD to come out and make it stronger unless NZD economic data is weak.

*Wholesale sales came out negatively for CAD
*NZD CPI coming out this week
*Wheeler is due to speak this week


Price has made a double bottom which confirms my bias to remain a bull on NZD also with the 21 seems to be crossing above the 55 that is a sure a good sign of a bullish market and at the moment I am looking for bears to sell the price back down to retrace to my fib level where bulls will find support.


Bears seems to have stopped the bulls momentum providing resistance at 0.96000 which might be good for bulls only if bears breakthrough support and drive the price down where bulls will find a significance support but if bears fails to break the support I see a continuation of bullish trend..


Price seems to be struggling to break out of range at the moment so here I am hoping for bears for bears to get back in the game to and make a break out so bulls can find a much better support.

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