Looking for MCPP,WCPP,DCPP and 73.50 for support, buy to 73.80 area. May not be a buy until NY session. Only 2 pairs for trend trading plans are GA and GN. Aussie dollar is stronger at the moment , So I decided to go with a sell on GA . Risk news (PMI) for GBP coming up 130 pt may spark a move. Or USD at 7:00am PT.

May have missed this buy opportunity bye 1 pip

Only possible trending trade plan pairs I see today GBP/AUD, GBP/NZD.

took trade off because 4hr candle was over daily range bar, as I looked in past history only 2 4hr bars were as large as current. I maximized profit as much as I can as risk (psychology)

Not moving in profitable territory after 3 hrs. Got psyched out.

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