Whoa! On Friday I decided to join Wayne’s NFP webinar for the first time in a long time and could not connect through FXStreet, so I connected through YouTube. This is simply just a comment/warning on how disgusting some people were on YouTube by swearing and bad-mouthing Wayne and other people in the webinar. It became so bad that the moderator had to warn and even remove people from the webinar. There are some vile people out there that abuse these webinars, but luckily no one I recognized from Wayne’s group. Also, the sound on Youtube was terrible.


2 thoughts on “NFP trading with Wayne on YouTube”

  1. richard trusler says:

    i did not see this , but it is disgusting , Wayne is just trying to help people learn how to trade , giving ideas , he doesnt actually tell anyone to take a trade , just tries to give his opinion , what is wrong with these people , and well said maryna

    1. Damith says:

      i agree thanks Richard and Maryna

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