I am a bull on this pair


Market direction is plat price opened at MPP with the target of MM1, i will looking to buy at the bottom of the range as indicated with a blue line around 111.500Psych..


i still see a ragging market on my h4 ,currently price opened at DM3 confluence,i will be looking to buy this pair at DM1 confluence,113.000 psych.


market is in a range price opened at DM3 with a target of DM1,i will be looking to buy at the bottom of the range between DS1,DM1,113.000 psych.

3 thoughts on “MY USD/JPY LONG SETUP”

  1. Katleho Gnaw Lephallo says:

    Good plan. I was skeptical of buying this pair because Ryan is a bear on this. You just boosted my confidence

    1. Maryna says:

      Katleho, just a thought on your reply. Why do you want to trade according to another person’s bias? Use your own bias and analysis and while the rest of the world is bullish on USD, I’m bearish and making lots of $$ as a bear. Remember, there is a huge difference between a LT bias and a short-term bias and as long as you take your trade entries where a bear/bull should you will do the right thing. As a day-trader I only look at short-term bias and it’s working just fine!

      Happy trading!

      1. Katleho Gnaw Lephallo says:

        I agree, I do have my own bias. I know I shouldn’t let it affect me but it does. I actually lowered my lot size when i took the trade on Monday. Trust me, I am working on it, and it will disappear as I gain experience

        Thanks for the advice

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