I am a bull on this pair..


55 above 21 Market is bearish,price is currently bearish but we having an overbought stoch ,now as a bull i am looking for opportunities to go LONG between (MS3/0.96500) if it breaks father more,my second entry will be at (0.95500)..


55 above 21 Market is bearish,price just bounced of the 21ema witch predicts a LL,as a bull i am eyeing for price to make a double bottom than make a HL,than i can consider going LONG.if price breaks the current level of support i will be eyeing to go LONG at (0.96500 with the confluence of monthly MS3) or (0.95500)..


21 ,55 are flat market is sideways.Price is currently at support with an oversold stoch,as a bull i am eyeing for a break out on this current range than buy the lower high, however if price doesn`'t do that i would like to see price going down to (0.96500)than wait for a confirmation of a reversal pattern..before i can go LONG..

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