I am a bull on the US Dollar because of the fed looking to raise interest rates three times this year.
New Zealand however reduced their rate by 25 basis points and hinted at further cuts in their november 2016 monetory policy statement so i am a bear on the kiwi.
My bias on NZDUSD will be bearish till the banks involved change their outlook


price opened at wpp before moving to mpp and testing resistance at wr1/50% fib also near 0.075 phsyched level, bears will look for price to come off that resistance to short by mm2which is just below ws1


price rose from just below wpp and testing resistance below wr1 bears will look for a a break downwards with support at the weekly bear target at ws1


price opened just below mpp and npw between dr1 and dm3 immediate support at dpp

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