I am a bear on this pair..news that can affect this pair (GPB SERVICES PMI).


21 above 55 market is currently bullish,but the overall trend market is flat,price is bullish at the moment but is nearing the top of the range,therefor in this case i am using my ranging strategy i want to sell at the top of my range witch is 1.79000/MM3/1.79000, for my entry point..


Market is flat price is currently holding on the WPP looking for price to push up higher to the top of the range,i am eyeing to sell it at (1.79000/WM3 /1.79500) for entry..


Market is flat price is currently holding at WPP/DPP looking for price to break and move up higher to the top of the range, at (DR2/1.7900/1.79500) for entry..

One thought on “MY GBP/NZD SHORT SETUP FOR 05/04/2017”

  1. Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld says:

    Bud when assessing the direction of market look at the 21 and 55. Is the 21 is above the 55 and there is a good angle of separation then there is a trend. The daily chart indicates a bullish trend though price seems to have formed a double top at MM3 though we have not seen a lower low and price is still above the 21 – therefore bullish. This is confirmed by the H4 chart being at support. I agree with your resistance, a bear would look to sell at WM3/ 1.7950 and that does mark the top of the range. If you are selling this then you are looking for Pound weakness and Kiwi strength – does that match your fundamental bias on those pairs?

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