I am a bull on this pair


Market is flat price came of the bottom of the range at MM2 with the target of MM4,therefor as a bull i am eyeing for opportunities to buy..


Market is flat price opened at WPP this week witch means the target of the week is WR2,therefor i am looking for price to come to 140.000/WPP/139.500 For my entry..


market is flat price is currently going down looking for price to come to my support zone of 140.00 if it breaks i will consider buying at my second level of support at DS1/WPP/139.500 as shown with the blue lines..

One thought on “MY GBP/JPY LONG SETUP 14/03/2017”

  1. Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld says:

    hey bud – as mentioned in class when writing a trade plan the first thing we look at is the direction of the market so we know what strategy we are using. If the market is ranging then find the top and bottom of your range and trade in those zones. Looking to buy close to the top of the range when the stochastic is rolling over is not wise. If you wanted to buy this then a good place would have been the bottom of the range – might seem easy seeing as this move already happened at the time of writing this note though it was what I said would happen when we reviewed this the morning you uploaded the plan. Follow the rules consistently and your trading will be consistent.

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