I am a bear on this pair..


Market is flat price came off MPP target is MR2 and price is still bullish,to the look of things price failed to break (1.53500/MR3)therefor as a bear i am eyeing for price to retest the same level for me to enter,if it breaks that level i will then consider my next level of selling at(1.54500)witch marks the top of the current range..


21 above 55 market is bullish,but looking at the overall trend market is ranging,price came of WM2 target is WM4 as we can see we have reached the target for the week..i am eyeing for a retest at (1.53500/MR3 confluence )for my first entry, if it breaks i will then consider selling at (1.54500)witch marks the top of my range..

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