With very little news to drive this pair this week movement will be mostly technical.


with the pair being in a big bullish move since beginning of february price opened between monthly r2 and r3 with r3 being major resistance. If price falls off r3 or 1.075 mid psych level i will look for reversal parten on lower time frames as well as 5/8 cross to bearish. Stochastich is overbought


price opened at wm3 rising past r1 with next resistance at m4, price might find resistance at m4 or r2 although 21/55 ma is still very bullish at the moment stochastich is reaching overbought area


Price is at dr1 bearish, 5/8 and 21/55ma are bullish, resistance is at dm4, dr2 and 1.075 mid psych level. stochastich is overbought

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